Friday, March 27, 2009

Getting ready to move... three times

I (my mom) got (me) a used car 2 days ago! Then I had to go about getting insurance. I got quotes online from Progressive and Geico. Geico was much cheaper and their customer service was very helpful. Here's hoping I don't have to deal with them again! (fingers crossed for safe driving!). I've never taken care of this stuff before because when I drove in high school it was my mom's car and she took care of that stuff. Now it's like I'm a real adult. Car insurance. Moving expenses.

I have also been pricing out moving truck rental, cargo van rental, cost of staying in my apartment for one month more, benefits (and deciding to give up my chocolate chip cookie recipe) to move in with KE. Talking to the electric company, roommates, finding a replacement, shopping around, seeking an apartment in a city that I am not in and won't be for several months.

So May will be staying with KE (in Brooklyn), June - August in Vermont and August - May in Ithaca. It's going to be interesting living in Vermont and Ithaca after 8 years in Brooklyn, that's for sure!

All I can really say is thank technology for Internet and free long distance calls on cell phones. Oh and spreadsheets. I love spreadsheets!

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