Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Get a library card. There are many books you can read once and do not need to reference again. Beware of late fees piling up though! Most large metropolitan libraries will allow you to renew online. Your savings by borrowing books will be nil if you end up paying exorbitant late fees. SO be sure to mark the book due date in your calendar as son as you check out the books. If someone else has the book on hold you won't be able to renew it. You can hold it longer but you will have to pay for it. Libraries are a great place to get movies, audio books (which you can then put on your ipod and the latest hardback book that you would buy if it was cheaper.

I read a lot of non-fiction so there aren't as many books available to me as say people who read a lot of best sellers or Oprah book club books. I got myself an amazon credit cad, so when I spend money, I slowly earn amazon gift cards. This is great because by putting things I normally buy on a credit card (and paying it off asap) I earn books. So I get my book buying fix (which some have called "a problem") but don't spend much more than I would without having purchased the books. Also if you are seeking a book that is out of print or you want a used version, an excellent resourse is addall's used book search or, how I got a recent book purchase, is to sign up on powells for a book alert. When my book arrived I got an email and was able to purchase it rightaway.

I'm looking forward to reading books I purchased recently and reviewing them here, keep an eye out for them this summer!

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