Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Moving Preparation and Planning

I've made a list for the order in which to pack things. I have to budget my time because my last day of work is a Friday, Saturday night is my S'mores and BYOB going away party then I'm loading up the truck Sunday (with the help of some friends!) and driving away Monday. And before that, I'm working fulltime - I might need to see about leaving early a few days when the reality of the quantity of my stuff hits...

Packing list, order of operations:
  • Tv. Monitor. Cameras. Cables.
  • Camping. Hardware. Documents/ Papers.
  • Fabrics. Patterns. Art supplies.
  • Exercise equip.
  • Books. (big job, want to get all the other stuff out of the way before I start tackling this- also so I can get to the books as my table is in the way!)
  • Toiletries
  • Sewing machine (finish project ASAP!)
  • Kitchen. Clean fridge and pantry.
  • Clothes. Shoes. Towels. Sheets.
  • Computer. Hard drive. Speakers.
  • Mattress. Bed frame. Dressers. Folding table.

Brownie Break: These were the most phenomenal brownies I've ever had. I'm pretty sure- ever. Picked them up at the food co-op. Sometimes you just need a treat!

Misc. things to do for move:
  • Change of address form at post office. (You can do it online!)
  • Change Netflix address.
  • Confirm electricity is shutting off.
  • Get security deposit.
  • Confirm moving truck rental.

I did a bit of research (though not enough...) on moving trucks and budget was good because of unlimited miles as I will be also helping my mom (and splitting the cost of the truck!) to move at the same time. From Brooklyn, NY to Wilmington, DE to Seaford to Wilmington. A lot of driving and a lot of moving! It's gonna be a long couple of days!

Things I'm purging:
  • old spices
  • unused and most likely never to be used art supplies
  • those bags of clothes that have been waiting to go to salvation army for like a year
  • clean out fridge and pantry and face the fact I'm never going to eat that can of garbanzo beans
Things to do before I drive off into the... afternoon:
  • sweep and mop my room and work area
  • one last check for stray toiletries and frozen foods

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