Saturday, January 2, 2010

Travel bug, links to some lists, and the future... silver lining

I had the itch of the travel bug. I still do. Reality, however, has settled in. I cannot travel. I have debts. A cell phone contract, an apartment lease to still get out of. I've had lots of time to think about all the different options that lay head and it would seem. All signs point to New York. I have been back in Portland and feel like I could live here, I love all the neighborhoods. I could afford a house. But I'm not ready to buy a house. I'm not ready to buy a house though. So moving somewhere because I could eventually afford a house there... isn't really the best reason to move somewhere. Maybe someday, meanwhile I can remember that I want to buy property eventually and actual deal with money like that is what I'm planning... someday, down the line, somewhere.
So, along with trying to live in the present I have made some goals for myself and some plans for when I get back to New York. I am going to trust that everything happens for a reason and I am going to trust that everything is happening perfectly. I'm going back to New York and things will work out however they are meant to.

10 tips for fearless living

10 ways to fill up on happiness

9 ways to find peace of mind

Another thing that helps me feel better is to watch How I Met Your Mother. A show where people fall in love and then break up and things get better, and they have careers they are passionate about, and life happens and it's hilarious! And who doesn't love Neil Patrick Harris!

I'm looking forward to blogging about moving (back) to New York City. Seeking out ways to save money, meet new people, explore things I'm interested in, see old friends, make new friends, learning Spanish, reading more books, surfing the internet less, learning to cook more things, learning about beer, explore my career and experiment in living in the now (running, meditation, creativity).

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