Saturday, January 9, 2010


"Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society." Mark Twain

It is time to update my wardrobe. All of my jeans have patches, so I bought a couple new pairs of jeans from Express, now I own 2 pairs of jeans without holes. I recently bought 2 new black sweaters, one cozy with a big neck and the second with a deep V-neck, very sexy. Both look great with the black jeans. I need more pants, especially warm ones. I'm thinking wool, with pockets with flaps on the back. I also could use some new shirts... shirts is where I get stuck. As a busty lady I am very particular about tops and they need to have few details on top, nothing to attract attention to the chest. I also need new flats... my black ballet flat shoes are totally busted. I only realized when I went to wear them to a wedding in October. My winter coat is also busted, but I'm not ready to replace that one yet... holes in the sleeves is not enough to get me to buy a new $300 coat... I did get many years of use out of it, but it still has more life in it! I just need to mix it up. I will follow up later with more wardrobe updates on a budget. Not like an article I saw on spending and saving in NYC where a girl thought it okay to drop $225 on 2 Hermes scarves... that is not $avy. I also tend to lean more towards classic dress, as opposed to trendy items. I look forward to shopping, with a budget, to create a new professional wardrobe for my upcoming period of career exploration. I also got a hair cut when I was in Oregon, I now have... Bangs! I have hair that requests I wear it down and put product in it...

I'm very excited about my new wardrobe. It will take some time to build up, but I will attempt to document it as best I can. Specifically with a classic leaning... I don't do 'trendy', I do classic, mostly black, dark denim... still working on good tops though.

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