Monday, February 23, 2009

Home Cooking challenge: Day 1

I had Store brad Honey-nut-Os with skim milk for breakfast, at home. Saved $1.85 by not buying a bagel and eating groceries I already had. Breakfast is going to be roughest to eat it requires a little more time in the morning. This is hard because I"m the kind of person who gets ready at night and rolls out of bed in time to stop in the washroom and get dressed before it's time to go.

On Saturday I went to the co-op for salad fixin's as I knew that was the hardest part of the home cooking challenge: bringing lunch in an office with no means of heating anything up.

Lunch fixin's:
$2.99 organic grape tomatoes
$5.16 1# organic mixed baby spring greens
$0.80 snow peas
$2.27 cucumbers
$1.00 organic avocado

$12.22 Sub total

Other stuff:
$3.97 Grapenuts cereal
$2.18 skim milk (quart)
$2.86 small glass jar with stopper (to take dressing with salads)

$21.67 TOTAL incl tax

My salad today consists of:
  • mixed greens
  • 5 cherry tomatoes, the little container needs to last all week!
  • 1/3 cucumber sliced thin for more crispy bites
  • hunk of smoked salmon purchased in Oregon
  • handful snow peas
No dressing as I didn't have time this morning and was too tired to make it last night when I made my salad. These greens are bitter, I need to stay away from sweet stuff before eating it (I have couple Hershey's miniatures I bought last week 50% Valentines candy. There is no reason to pay full price for candy when there is usually a holiday that just ended!

I took some cash out of the bank this weekend and today left my credit card, debit card and even my Starbucks gift card I got for Xmas at home. So far the hardest part has been drinking the water from my Klean Kanteen which tastes metallic and I fear may be tickling my throat with nickle as I continue to cough even though I thought my cough was over. I think I will look into options to reflavor my water

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