Thursday, February 26, 2009

My weakness

I have such a sweet tooth and it seems to be highly active lately. When 4pm rolls around you know I'm searching my desk for stray sweets I might have forgotten. This is an issue I've been having with the home cooking challenge- I haven't made sweets to bring to work for my afternoon pick-me-up! Therefore tonight I will make chocolate chip cookie dough, however cookies are not baked until the following day. I guess an apple will have to do tomorrow... maybe I can put some chocolate on it. Or perhaps it's time to go on a sugar fast- 2 years ago for lent I gave up foods with sugar added to them. It was great! I still ate sweet fruit and things, and I didn't feel deprived I actually felt lighter and cleaner. I think lent just started, I saw ashy foreheads yesterday and there were mardi gras beads at the Oscars party I went to... time to do a little googling!

Follow up: Lent did indeed start on Ash Wednesday... Maybe I'll start a late lent. 39 days! Or maybe 38... I've been wanting cookies...

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