Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Money is not the only thing you budget. Time is a more valuable commodity (for people who have money-I'm sure unemployed friends of mine would agree). There are 24 hours a day and you spend them how you want. The things you spend time on aren't always things you want to spend time on but through muti-tasking and prioritizing and a stitch in time to save 9, you can get the most out of your time.

My weekday time budget:

9.5 hours at work (incl. lunch)
8 hours sleeping (on average)
1.5 hours commuting (subway)

19 hours SUBTOTAL

5 hours "Me" time: shower, making dinner, waking up slowly, in the bathroom,
checking email, watching movies, sewing, planning meals and parties, etc.

24 hours TOTAL

Time saving and Multitasking tips:
  • When I get a seat, I read on the subway. I have a couple magazines and some library books I'm always trying to read. Much harder when I'm on the verge of sleeping, which leads me to
  • Take a cat nap on the subway, but make sure to wake up before your stop!
  • Think about what you have to do while you are at work- I keep a list (digital or old school photo by Jools* on flickr) handy to add to because I'm always thinking about my weekend and evening projects.
  • Make big meals that can spread over many meals saving time for cooking later.
  • Work on projects with your sweetie. KE and I have a list of projects we want to do independently that will work well to do together such as learning to make sauces and play the guitar.
  • If you can handle mornings, exercise in the morning- you start your day feeling productive and when you get home you have time to do what you want be it hobbies, movies, or making food for the week.
  • Make a grocery list and stick to it! Meal planning can save you time in the longrun because you won't dawdle at the grocery store (though sometimes it is fun to get inspired by ingredients).
  • Rather than feeling burdened by making food, turn it into a party. Invite friends over for a a food making party. Just make sure that you make enough marinara so everyone can take home a usable amount. If you live in a place where many people have gardens or there are a lot of U-pick places even better. Part one: picking goods, part two: making goods. You could also have parties creating your own mixes. Purchasing dried goods in bulk such as beans or flour and sugar you can make your own jars of soup and cake/cookie mix. I would make custom labels for everyone to put on their jars before the party.
  • Have potluck meals, or a weekly meal with friends. This way you socialize, and still eat. You can take turns hosting/ preparing food. Or one person can host regularly and you can have potluck meals. If it's dinner, I suggest organizing a bit to make sure it is a balanced meal. Stone soup is another option- people can bring whatever soup ingredient they have and you put it in the soup, different every time!
Do you have any other time saving or multitasking tips to share?

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  1. I'm totally going to try and start having potluck meals during the week :) thanks!