Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Saving money and time

I started my day early today. I wanted to start running (outside- I cancelled my gym membership to save money) but needed the motivation of someone expecting me so I found a running buddy in my neighborhood on craigslist. This morning we had our first (short and cold) run. We will be doing it again on Friday (I need to make/fashion an ear band!). Cheaper than a personal trainer, and I was outside! Now I just need to lift eh weights I bought at home. Other than being headbutted by a dog that seemed to enjoy jogger bowling, it was a pretty good morning.

This way I'm saving time by still having my eveings and lunch hour to do as I wish. I just nuged the start of my day a little bit and I feel more awake. After I finish my breakfast (yogurt, blueberries, honey and granola) I'll pop in the shower and assemble my salad and head to work! I feel so productive!

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