Monday, September 21, 2009

Back from a weekend away... no new groceries

Breakfast was... uh... some OJ, I forgot if I ate anything else.
Lunch was leftover black bean chili I made last week
For dinner: camping casserole: 2oz cooked pasta, 3oz tuna packet, thin slices of cheese and ground pepper. I would make that differently if I had some broccoli I could have cooked and could have stirred that in, alas my only veggies are a cucumber and some frozen peas and I wasn't really feeling the frozen peas tonight.

This leads me to: meal planning and grocery shopping tonight! (After catching up on some work, I'm glad the grocery store is 24 hours.)
One thing I noticed is that I need bread! I have peanut butter and black raspberry jam but nothing to eat it on and BP&J is a great quick lunch.
I need toilet paper...

I've been wanting latkes for a while so I will pick up some ingredients. I've also been thinking about trying to make something new at least once a week from one of my cookbooks. I generally make the same stuff over and over with little variation and I want to learn to cook more things. I've got my index card ready for making my grocery list, and my cookbooks are out and ready for me to meal plan as soon as I finish this bit of homework...

Time Out!

Later: Grocery store tomorrow night, too sleepy and need to get to sleep- didn't get enough sleep last night!

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