Friday, September 18, 2009

Thursday overview and start of Friday

My breakfast was a small glass of OJ and the last of my hard boiled eggs. This was insufficient to get me through beyond lunch. My stomach was even gurgled outloud during class! Then on campus I grabbed a sandwich: $3.11 for rye bread, mustard, lettuce, tomato, cucumber and provolone. It was tasty and filling enough but I needed something sweet. I walked up to the Ag Quad and there was a fraternity sponsored farm day going on! There were cows and calves and sheep to pet. One big cow with one one of those hatches to get into its rumen. It was in a large pen with a grid painted on the ground for cow-pie bingo- you win if it poops in your square! There was a stand of free apples from the Cornell, I had one yellowish green one that was really really tasty. Then I spent $1 to get some Cornell Dairy chocolate ice cream and off to class I went!

After class I headed home and drove to Brooklyn where I joined my boyfriend for dinner at his friend's house. They made an amazing dinner including the most elaborate salad I think I've ever had. It had beets, endive, some other kind of lettuce, goat cheese, orange wedges, a tarragon dressing and probably something else. It was soooo good! Building up salads is fun, I haven't been much of a salad eater lately but I definitely have had salad phases. The salad was followed by pasta with homemade pesto, seitan (which was way tastier than I expected, not sure how they cooked it but yum!) and halved cherry tomatoes. For dessert there was some chocolate tasting- an apricot milk chocolate and a cherry dark chocolate and homemade coffee and chocolate ice cream. Quite the feast!

Now I am off to get my morning bagel so that I am appropriately hungry when lunch time comes around for either Thai or Indian food... I haven't decided yet! Oh the tasty choices in Brooklyn, mmmm

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