Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I said no outloud, in my head

to cookies! My instructors on tuesday and thursday provide snacks to keep students from passing our or eating inedible berries on plant walks. Today I told myself not to have them because I will feel gross after eating them and they won't help me to reach my fitness goals. I stuck to the food I brought foe myself today minus one big pretzel stick.


Remainder of vanilla yogurt

Plain yogurt (switching because of added sugar in vanilla flavor)

frozen blueberries

Frozen blackberries

Tossed in blender eat with sprinkling of grapenuts



Fresh tomato eaten straight-up

One ounce seriously sharp cheddar


Tbd when I get home but will definitely include the other half of the acorn squash!

I have also decided to get a pedometer- I have been climbing the hill every morning and tromping back every afternoon and I'm quite sure I'm putting on some miles over the week. Oh and this morning I was down two pounds! That makes healthy choices a little more encouraging when you see numeric results!

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  1. Have you considered getting one of the Nike/iPod sport kit? It's way more comprehensive than a pedometer, and pretty affordable if you have the right shoes already, which i know you don't. But still.....