Friday, September 25, 2009


I have this internal debate. Mostly it stems from the relationship of time, money and exercise. My school is located at the top of a hill at the base of which I live. It takes me about 25 minutes to get to class and probably a little less to get home. When I finish class at noon I want to go home and make lunch but I also feel encouraged to stick around on campus. On Friday nights there is a grad school happy hour at 4, and I haven't really been around most Fridays to check it out but if I walk home am I really going to walk back? In undergrad I was in studio all the time, it was also 5 minutes away, and I didn't have space to work at home. Now it's a uphill trek, I have an apartment all to my self and a room with a table to work on. I can also cross my legs under my table at home which I cannot do at my table in studio. A negative.

If I stay later than class, and didn't bring anything for lunch because I wasn't planning on staying there is also the debate: do I purchase food which will most likely be disappointing, or do I go home and plan to come back?

Coming back to studio after 5pm means I could park for free on campus (without a permit) and drive up here. It was nice when I did that on Wednesday for class because I went to the library afterward and then didn't have to carry all the books downhill, but it took about as long to get here as it would have to walk because of all the pedestrian traffic.

"Le sigh."

How to try to be a part of the group, and still get work done in a comfortable setting, and eat good food (which seems to mean that I made it or it's from one of my favorite restaurants in Brooklyn!).

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