Sunday, September 27, 2009

Working out at home

I recently stumbled upon this website,, because I was looking for exercise videos I could get for FREE!!!

I just tried this free cardio kickboxing one and I really enjoyed it! (It helped me feel warm in my cold apartment!)

They way I got myself to finally do it (I found this site several weeks ago and didn't do anything yet!) I set a timer for time I coudl do work and then when the timer went off I got my workout clothes on and moved my chair aside and did the workout in my office/living room. I feel pretty pumped and it's nice. I miss exercise. I used to do a boxing class at the gym across the street form my work and I loved it. I'd never done kickboxing before, I'm sure my kicks aren't as high or as properly formed as they could be but I think if I continue to do this video I'll get better.

I'm excited about this! I also got Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred workout on my netflix cue, should receive that real soon and then decide if I want to purchase it.

Some things to try for to convince yourself to exercise
(good luck remembering them, try writing reminder notes, and setting alarm reminders for workouts):
  • take note of how great you feel at the end of a workout and remind yourself every time you don't feel up to working out
  • bribe yourself for workouts. Every workout is $1 towards new lingere, every workout is $1 towards a new book, every workout is $1 towards your next vacation. Get creative, think about the things that will encourage you the most
  • Write notes to yourself (I have one on my mirror that says "DON'T BE LAZY, work out, go for a run, don't forget to stretch")- it all depends on how you talk to yourself :P
The workout I just did was only 22 minutes. It is totally possible to make time for that in the morning before breakfast. Now that I did my exercise for the day, I'm going to make dinner! Yay!

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