Wednesday, September 16, 2009

An uneventful day in the life of food, evening edition

Before I went to my evening class I grabbed a little applesauce cup. I used to buy the applesauce jar but I never, NEVER ate all the applesauce before it went bad. So I stick to the small cups so I have it when I need it (I use it for baking and pancakes instead of oil).

For dinner I made blackbean chili nachos by lining a pan with blue corn chips, piling the chili (made yesterday) on, heating at 350 for about 8 minutes, taking out, adding grated cheese, and heating ntil the cheese was melted. It was pretty tasty though maybe a little too much food!

It was suggested to me to include the price of making meals... I had begun this at the beginning of hte blog but was unsatisfied with the pricing. Some people divide up how much of a package you used. Like say you used 1/4 of a box of pasta and that pasta cost $4 so it says in the recipe financial analysis: pasta $1

I don't really see it that way because once I buy the pasta it's in my pantry and I only really account for purchases based on newly purchased food for a specific recipe or set of recipes. I'm not totally sure how to deal with this just yet, but attempts will be made. Another thought is just to look at what's in the pantry and how much I spent for the week and then follow with what I made that week using what's in my pantry. I'm proud of myself for not going to the grocery store this week and working with ingredients I have. I grew up in a Costco household so I am used to always having lots of food on hand but as a lone apartment dweller it makes less sense than the family of 4 pantry logic.

There will probably be some dessert later (after laundry and flashcard studying)... I do have whipping cream that expires on the 13th... and some defrosted berries I didn't use yet.... and some chopped up dark chocolate... hmmmmm

10:15pm, just home from doing laundry, got in minutes before the rain started! Yay! Had a soda and the sugary coating made my throat feel much better! I think I might be too full for my dessert though...


  1. Have you tried making applesauce? It's real easy, it just takes time. It's sooooooo good. I don't even put any sugar in mine.

  2. I have made applesauce before! It's tasty, I hope to go apple picking this fall and make some- especially if I can preserve it somehow, in smaller containers!