Wednesday, September 16, 2009

An uneventful day in the life of food

Running late this morning for lack of sleep. Throat is feeling dry and scratchy, for the 3rd day in a row but so far that is the only symptom. A glass of orange juice as a poor excuse for breakfast calories and a walk up the hill. Two big ol' mugs of tea and a walk downhill home.
I'm hungry. I spot my car, I remember I have some road trip snack left in the back seat.
If you like Cheetos and cheese and crunchy pufy things that have nice texture and tasty flavor then I highly recommend these chip. I can not get enough of them! One thing i think is especially neat about them is that they don't have wheat! They are corn meal and rice flour based (gluten-free!) and real cheese and whey and buttermilk (boo lactose intolerance).

My absolute favorite chip (at present), which I constantly tell myself is the last time I will buy them, but it never is...

Before attacking dishes I had some cheese and then made some pasta and started chowing down on the leftover tomato sauce I made last Monday. Then I started writing another blog post I had an idea for and in doing the online research for that I learned that pasta sauce shouldn't be kept after 5 days. It's been about 10. Now I've sort of lost my appetite for eating what's on this here plate. Good thing I have brand new chili for dinner and I keep my fridge a little colder than average which I'm finding is keeping my veggies crisp a little longer. So after I throw out this plate of pasta... time to figure out something else to eat. Oh! Leftover hardboiled egg with salt! I'm not the biggest fan of lots of yolk (unless it's mixed with mustard) so I tend to not eat te whole yolk, but I love the texture of hard boiled egg whites!

That's all for now until dinner... which will be black bean salsa chili, possibly made into nachos over top a bed of blue corn tortilla chips... Fancy, I know :)

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